The body needs calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Most important time to eat a calcium rich diet between the ages of 13 and 19, when the bones and teeth are still developing.

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. Calcium is a mineral that the body needs for numerous functions, including building and maintaining bones and teeth, blood clotting, the transmission of nerve impulses, and also the regulation of the heart’s rhythm.

It’s an essential nutrient that is required by people of all ages. If you’re concerned about getting enough calcium to strengthen your bones and protect yourself against osteoporosis, there are lots of foods you can add to your diet today.

Skim Milk

Milk may be the go-to beverage when calcium is an issue. Many people are unsure whether they’re obtaining the same amount of calcium with skim milk because they would with 1%, 2%, or whole milk. Since calcium is not within the fat portion of milk, no calcium is lost when the fat is taken away, as in skim milk. So you can drink up in order to strengthen your bones and stop osteoporosis.

Whole Grains

Talk about healthy food choices, and you cannot exclude whole grain products. Yes, some cereals (quinoa, rye, cornmeal) are full of calcium mineral. Also, you will get cereals fortified with calcium on the market. They contain approximately 100 – 1,000 mg calcium per serving amount.

Leafy Vegetables

Some leafy green vegetables high in calcium are kale, turnip greens, collards, broccoli, parsley, bok choy and spinach. Choose veggies which contain low oxalate (e.g. kale, broccoli, collards), otherwise, the absorption rate of calcium is reduced.


Soybeans are not only seen rich in proteins, but they are a storehouse for many other nutrients. They contain healthy fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins (calcium, iron). They can be soaked overnight and consumed like other dried legumes. To reap the health advantages of soybeans, one can go for soy milk and related products.

Raw Spinach

When having a healthy salad or sandwich, go for dark, leafy greens for example spinach instead of the lighter iceberg lettuce. Should you choose, you’ll notice an instant increase in flavor, but what you are able not realize is that you’re adding piles of nutrients and minerals for your diet as well. Raw spinach has elevated levels of vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, potassium, and calcium, which makes it a super food that benefits virtually every aspect of your health.


Almonds as well as other seeds and nuts, like walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds contain high levels of calcium. It is found that having one cup of almonds yield 750 mg of calcium, as the same amount of whole sesame seeds gives 2,100 mg calcium.

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods

Soy Milk

Lots of people switch from regular milk to soy milk due to the incredible health benefits of soy. Soy milk has just as much calcium as skim, 2%, and dairy, but its soy content brings other health benefits to the table, including protection against certain cancers, promoting weight reduction, and lowering cholesterol. Also, soy might help accelerate your body’s absorption of calcium, making soy milk a perfect addition to a high calcium diet.


Appreciate it on a regular basis and you’ll be doing the body a big favor. Salmon is a viable supply of calcium and vitamin b12, among other nutrients. 1 / 2 of a salmon fillet, or 154 grams, provides about 20 milligrams of calcium, or 2% from the daily value. In addition to bone and heart health, salmon may prevent against certain cancers, increase cognitive function, and enhance the health of skin and hair.